Hi! Welcome to my blog.

I am a Games Design & Art student, currently studying at Winchester School of Art. Here is where I will be documenting the journey of my Year 2, Semester 1 work. ((:


In this semester you will be creating a games design document for an entire original game design of your own making. This is a solo submission so you will be in charge of what content is presented, what ideas are generated, and what research is done.

Your portfolio should consist of the GDD, process documentation and all studio work developed over the course of the semester, to include evidence of workshop and tutorial activities, all sketchbooks, research, annotation and preparatory material alongside outcomes as directed ( + 2 game design prototypes & a trailer to showcase and excite an audience for your game).


All content can be found under the menu that is located at the top of the website. Each category has subsections that can be located once hovered over by the cursor. There are also arrows that specify which tab has more posts available to explore.

Happy reading!


Here you will find all the studio activities and supporting lectures/seminars I underwent to develop my knowledge surrounding how to produce a successful game. These took place throughout the semester.


My game idea in its totality. This is where I explain and demonstrate, through a professional structure of a Games Design Document, what my game consists of and how it can be made.


The ‘behind the scenes’ of my game idea. Located here are all my documented thought processes, reflections, refinements and general steps to how I produced my GDD.


This tab highlights the websites, books, academic journals, and any other relevant supporting resources I used to produce my work – Harvard refencing style.